Riviera SkateboardsRiviera was born from the idea that there are no rules when you pick up a skateboard. No matter the shape, length, wheelbase, graphic or genre of ride you seek, it’s all JUST SKATEBOARDING. Whether you’re bombing hills, sliding through turns, carving the park, pushing through a grind in a tight corner or just kickin’ down the street to pick up a few road sodas…Riviera has you covered. We take pride in our surfing and street skating roots. That nostalgic spark that we’re always chasing seems to keep flickering when we’re rolling. Life’s A Trip, and whichever path you’re on, hopefully you’ve found the perfect line to draw. We make skateboards for Future Classic Sessions!

Riviera Dineh Complete - 8.75"x37"

Riviera Dineh Complete - 8.75"x37"

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Dineh is a smaller road companion to its Mother Board ‘Heta.’ It has similar features with symmetrical cradled rails and pockets for your feet as well as a nose and tail kick that will allow for tricks and street skating functions. The smaller deck allows for more agile turning and easier slides at moderate speeds. Embrace your future with Dineh and roll with a higher calling on this board that is built for tearing up the streets.

  • Wheelbase: 25.5"
  • Paris Street Trucks - 180mm
  • Coyote Wheels - 72mm / 78a Color may vary depending on avail.
  • Abec 5 Speed Bearings
  • Clear Griptape