Coyote Wheels - Blue - 65mm Set
Coyote Wheels - Blue - 65mm - Single


Coyote Wheels - Blue - 65mm / 78A

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Coyote's 65mm 78A, center set radius wheel features a stone ground finish for a quick releases and smooth hook ups at the same time leaving fresh thane lines! These wheels perform great for cruising, carving and your free ride needs.

  Cruising - *****

   Carving - *****

Free Ride - *****

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We have been making skate decks for over 40 years. With knowledge and experience we stand behind our product. Know that your decks were handcrafted with experienced wood workers. Not like the other guys from another country or machine made. Our team and riders thank you for your support and love. We hope you have a great experience with us and skateboarding just as we have for many years.

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