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Palisades Down Under Drop Thru Deck - 9.5"x37.5"

Palisades Down Under Drop Thru Deck - 9.5"x37.5"

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The Down Under is our answer for someone looking for a drop mount with micro drop concave, parallel rails, and a medium flex. This board is ideal if you're looking for a little of everything. The slide thru mounting makes for easy truck changes, along with a micro drop platform for a lower center of gravity ride. The medium flex makes this board super fun for pumping and carving for a smooth mode of transportation. Along with the micro drop and parallel rails this is a great mid-grade board for those wanting to enter into the world of tech sliding.

9.25” x 36.5"
Wheelbase: 30”
Nose: 1"
Tail: 1"
Green Veneer

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