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Riviera Gnarats Complete - 9.80"x33.0"

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Riviera Gnarats Complete - 9.80"x33.0"

  • 89.99
  • $ 9999

The Riviera Gnaratz Complete Skateboard offered with a double wheelbase.  Awesome for an all around skateboard.   This board is highly recommended for many kinds of terrain.  Just shipped to your door, ready to ride.

9.8" x 33.0"

*The 15.5″ wheelbase is really fun for get’n sketchy in the streets or your favorite park.

*The 16.5″ wheelbase makes it really stable for some rad downhill alleys, big ditches or free ride/slide jam sessions.


  1. Gripped
  2. Paris Street Trucks – 169mm
  3. Divine Parks & Wreck Trailblazers 64mm / 92a colors may vary
  4. Abec 5 Speed Bearings

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