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Riviera Gnarats Deck - 9.80"x33.0"

Riviera Gnarats Deck - 9.80"x33.0"

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The Riviera Gnaratz Complete Skateboard is a combo between some of my favorite 80’s shapes with a modern concave.
The double wheelbase is awesome for any kind of shredding. The 15.5″ wheelbase is really fun for get’n sketchy in the streets or your favorite park. Skootin’ it out to the 16.5″ wheelbase makes it really stable for some rad downhill alleys, big ditches or free ride/slide jam sessions.
The hard sharp edges on top hold your foot in place and are great for helping with flip tricks.
I really enjoy this board for many kinds of terrain and I hope it will help you explore new ways of shred’n like it has for me!
I ride this board set up as a complete skateboard with Paris ST 169s and 60mm Divine Trailblazers.
– Brad Parker

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