Schmitt Stix- Hans Lindgren

Hans Lindgren-a Free style skater with Schmitt stix in the 80's.  Growing up in Sweden the skating season were short.  With Free style skating you could just go out and skate anywhere and that's just what Hans did when he got his skateboard in the late 70's.  

Hans introduced his pro model in 1987 with Schimtt stix skateboards.  Schmitt stix skate decks graphics at that time had a theme of tools just as the named models-ripsaw, skull saw, and the chainsaw. These models are still being produced & sold with the same presses since the 80's!  Hans wanted to have his own style on his model so he introduced his "Crowbar".  Making some tweaks to the shape that fit his style of skating.  Hans had two pro models in the 80's with Schmitt stix skateboards.

Did you know that before he had his model with Schmitt stix he was riding a Tracker Flipside Freestyle deck.  Did you know his favorite trucks were Tracker Fultracks.