Tracker Trucks- Allen Losi

Allen Losi Tracker Trucks

Allen Losi!  Whats not to like about this guy.  Not only is he a great skater at his time and could hang.  If you meet him today he's so down to earth and a cool guy.    Growing up in Southern Cali in the late 70's skating ditches and then parks.  He has the love for skate boarding.  Skating pools and competitions with skateparks sponsoring him back in the late 70's early 80's.  Coming up in a time when tricks started exploding and the skaters were starting to compete.  Losi turned Pro in the Gold cup series in 1980.  In competitions, Losi talks several times about how competitive and territorial it would be.  Once parks starting closing, backyard ramps starting popping up with friends and skate sessions. All the experience and friends over the years Losi really lives and breaths skateboarding.  In 2019, Tracker trucks was excited to re-issue Losi's signature model with his design of the Losi Pool Graphic.  We are proud to have Losi a part of the Tracker Family.