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Riviera Heta Complete - 9.5"x40.5"

Riviera Heta Complete - 9.5"x40.5"

  • 189.95

Born into our ‘Top Shelf’ collection, Heta is built from maple and glass and was created to suit your freedom seeking passions. Push and carve your way around town with high spirits and an open mind to slide and utilize the symmetrical nose and tail kicks that allow for busting tricks or just smashing through rugged street conditions with ease. The 13” long spine set dead center of the deck creates pockets for your feet to remain planted firmly for any aggression you might express along your journey.


  • Wheelbase: 27.5"
  • Paris Street Trucks - 180mm
  • Coyote Wheels - 72mm / 78a
  • Abec 7 Speed Bearings
  • Clear Griptape

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